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Models out of build platform

If models are outside the platform, rearrange these models manually:

If not all the parts fit on the platform, reduce the number of parts by deleting them.

Models are not at 0 level

When the parts are not leveled and moved up or down on the Z-axis, printing is not possible as this cause the following problems:

  • the parts would float (Z> 0)
  • parts would be cut off (Z <0).

Click the Fix button to fix this issue automatically.

Model without supports

If models have the overhanging part and do not have supports, printing is not possible.

Click the Fix button to fix this issue automatically.

Models Overlap

If models intersect each other, they are highlighted in red.

To fix the issue:

move the overlapping parts manually away from each other, or

use the Auto-Placement function.

The model disappeared from the build envelope

Some printability issues cannot be fixed. In this case, the following error message appears during the model loading:

After an attempt to fix such printability issues, the models disappear from the stage.

To avoid the model destroying, do not fix the detected errors by clicking Fix or Fix All Issues.

However, be aware that the printing of models containing errors is not recommended.

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